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Grimerica Outlawed

A strong pillar in our Great Work–the loose cannons are going rogue in the Dim Age!  A new feed to address some of the deeper and more controversial issues in our society: Censorship, Crimes Against Humanity, Alternative Health, Suppressed Science, Vaccine Hesitancy, Medical Martial Law, Authoritarian Creep, and don’t forget the Fascists (real fascists, not people you don’t like on Facebook).  Your triggers have been warned.  Buckle up.

Mar 31, 2024

Gavin Nascimento is back to chat about the conflict in the heartland of the middle east. We chat about how to approach this topic, and we do not support the conflict in any way. It's crazy how polarizing this is now after everything we have been through. How do we facilitate the next movement, and stick to team...

Mar 28, 2024

We run down and Round Up some deep stories about Canada and elsewhere. Where is the analysis from the independent media on the RCMP report? What about the CSIS report talked about in the MSM?
What outside company is Canada using to track and analyze our social media and online activity?
What is the bank saying about...

Mar 23, 2024

Welcome to this special episode as a variety of Canadian independent podcasters and journalists get together on this panel to discuss Canadian stuff eh. Challenges and solutions... Where is Canada at?
We get into it fairly quick, on one of the big questions. Can this corrupt broken system in Canada (and elsewhere) be...

Mar 21, 2024

We run down and Round Up some recent topics about Canada and beyond, including Vaccines Injuries, Poles in Canada, some clips with disappointing audience reactions, Pan Canadian Medical Data Management tender, free speech, science about puberty blockers, DEI is not working, and much more.
We get deep into some carbon...

Mar 17, 2024

Charlie is back and we chat about his trip to Anarchapulco, Pod Hotels, Denver Airport, what the vibe was like and what they met about, the storm that slammed Acapulco a few months back, and how the anarchist community performed over the government.
We speculate about the storm genesis, why the media was so silent and...