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Grimerica Outlawed

A strong pillar in our Great Work–the loose cannons are going rogue in the Dim Age!  A new feed to address some of the deeper and more controversial issues in our society: Censorship, Crimes Against Humanity, Alternative Health, Suppressed Science, Vaccine Hesitancy, Medical Martial Law, Authoritarian Creep, and don’t forget the Fascists (real fascists, not people you don’t like on Facebook).  Your triggers have been warned.  Buckle up.

Sep 27, 2017

Our buddy Michael is back in the igloo to join us for this black budget episodeā€¦. 
Is this one of those times when we look back and say the world changed on Sept 23? Not much seemed to happen last weekend but Michael breaks down some interesting pieces of Revelation and tries tying it to the EU, Trump, China and who...