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Grimerica Outlawed

A strong pillar in our Great Work–the loose cannons are going rogue in the Dim Age!  A new feed to address some of the deeper and more controversial issues in our society: Censorship, Crimes Against Humanity, Alternative Health, Suppressed Science, Vaccine Hesitancy, Medical Martial Law, Authoritarian Creep, and don’t forget the Fascists (real fascists, not people you don’t like on Facebook).  Your triggers have been warned.  Buckle up.

May 28, 2023

Douglas Vogt joins us to chat about Bill 4488, The US Govt's acknowledgment of his Nova Pole Reversal research, the UN and the global search for underground tunnels. We get into Sun Spot Max, CIA infiltration in research like Chan Thomas - Adam and Eve, Hapgood, the JASON group, Darpa dumb DUMBS, and Govt AI...

May 20, 2023

Bernhard Guenther joins us for an esoteric chat about how to navigate this crazy world we are living in. How to do the deep shadow work  and transmute those emotions. How do we stay in the grey zone, with compassion but without spiritual bypass.
We chat about new age bullshit, finding out who we are, red pilling,...

May 15, 2023

John Bush joins us for an extra episode to chat about Exit and Build Land Summit III, the 60 day exit plan, living your best life in the meantime, the great reset agenda and getting connected in your local community using tech and the infrastructure.
We also talk about crypto, workshops, advice for homesteading, solar...

May 13, 2023

Matt Ehret joins us for a history lesson about Canada that we don't learn as Canadians, the deep controls in Canadian Politics, The British Empire, Banking, Synthetic Cults, Jesuits, Hope for the middle of Canada, and The Round Table Movement.
We also chat about the demographic crisis, Anomalous Pope and President...

May 7, 2023

Dave Zed of Generation Zed joins us to chat about the proliferation of new energy technology, UAP's, Government and Private Industry secrets and how this is connected to ancient wisdom and spiritual technology.
Plasmoids? Spiritual Tech? Hydrogen, Anti-Gravity, consulting for the defence contractors.
Is this free...