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Grimerica Outlawed

A strong pillar in our Great Work–the loose cannons are going rogue in the Dim Age!  A new feed to address some of the deeper and more controversial issues in our society: Censorship, Crimes Against Humanity, Alternative Health, Suppressed Science, Vaccine Hesitancy, Medical Martial Law, Authoritarian Creep, and don’t forget the Fascists (real fascists, not people you don’t like on Facebook).  Your triggers have been warned.  Buckle up.

Jul 31, 2021

MR Gorga joins us to chat about Demons, Jesus and his book “Demons Among Us - Eerily True Stories That Creep Under Your Skin and Into Your Nightmares”. We completely loose connection a couple of times so there might be some spots with bad audio….
We talk about night time assaults, sex with demons, calling...

Jul 23, 2021

Kay Rubacek, of Swoop Films joins us to chat about the situation with China and Communism - now and in the past. She is director and producer of some amazing films showing the atrocities still happening.  And her latest book is called "Who Are China's Walking Dead?"
We chat about how she got arrested in China for...

Jul 17, 2021

Bruce de Torres joins us for a great chat about his book God, School, 911 and JFK: The Lies That Are Killing Us, And The Truth That Sets Us Free. We talk about the current state of things during the writing of this book, not hardening into any position, Socrates, trauma from a mainstream believer, the 80/20 rule, how...

Jul 14, 2021

Whitney webb, from Unlimited Hangout joins us for a great chat about the latest in global technocratic tomfoolery, her latest article, the web of connections and how to answer the skeptics from both sides.
We get into the commons foundation, vax passports, counter economics, the Canadian strategy using the Native...

Jul 9, 2021

Joanne Bean of Asani Healing / sweat lodge joins us to chat about what Canada Day means and how to remove the repetitive trauma from our culture in regards to the Residential School problem.
We chat about methods of healing, soul retrieval (quantum soul recall), hands on healing, messages on how to heal an...