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Grimerica Outlawed

A strong pillar in our Great Work–the loose cannons are going rogue in the Dim Age!  A new feed to address some of the deeper and more controversial issues in our society: Censorship, Crimes Against Humanity, Alternative Health, Suppressed Science, Vaccine Hesitancy, Medical Martial Law, Authoritarian Creep, and don’t forget the Fascists (real fascists, not people you don’t like on Facebook).  Your triggers have been warned.  Buckle up.

Apr 14, 2024

Sean Tario joins us for a great chat about digital sovereignty, censorship, and his Digital Privacy Boot Camp. Join us for some inside baseball on tech and digital media solutions for everyone, but also for podcasters and creators.
We chat about the pixel / graphene os phone solution, getting kicked off of Linkedin, being a tech consultant, some of the latest grifts he has uncovered, Elon's satellites, the 5 big tech behemoths that generate trillions on our backs, looking at candidates, causes and organizations, sandboxed environments, user experiences, how the open source has changed lately, proton mail scandal and the suggestion for safe server space.
In the second half we chat about the increase in binary and the fight to the death, predictions, Creature from Jekyll Island, decentralization - open source and building networks, riot examples, provincial elections, net zero, Trump and Trudeau, Monarchy and Republics, ethics and values, American Patriots, 2nd Amendment, and choosing a place of maximum freedom potential in the USA.
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